Tables (changelog stream).

class faust.tables.manager.TableManager(app: faust.types.app.AppT, **kwargs) → None[source]

Manage tables used by Faust worker.

persist_offset_on_commit(store: faust.types.stores.StoreT, tp: faust.types.tuples.TP, offset: int) → None[source]

Mark the persisted offset for a TP to be saved on commit.

This is used for “exactly_once” processing guarantee. Instead of writing the persisted offset to RocksDB when the message is sent, we write it to disk when the offset is committed.

Return type:None
on_commit(offsets: MutableMapping[faust.types.tuples.TP, int]) → None[source]
Return type:None
on_commit_tp(tp: faust.types.tuples.TP) → None[source]
Return type:None
on_rebalance_start() → None[source]
Return type:None
on_actives_ready() → None[source]
Return type:None
on_standbys_ready() → None[source]
Return type:None
Return type:Set[str]
Return type:ThrowableQueue
logger = <Logger faust.tables.manager (WARNING)>
coroutine on_rebalance(self, assigned: Set[faust.types.tuples.TP], revoked: Set[faust.types.tuples.TP], newly_assigned: Set[faust.types.tuples.TP]) → None[source]
Return type:None
coroutine on_start(self) → None[source]

Service is starting.

Return type:None
coroutine on_stop(self) → None[source]

Service is being stopped/restarted.

Return type:None
Return type:Recovery[]
add(table: faust.types.tables.CollectionT) → faust.types.tables.CollectionT[source]
Return type:CollectionT[]
on_partitions_revoked(revoked: Set[faust.types.tuples.TP]) → None[source]
Return type:None