Change history for Faust 0.9

This document contain historical change notes for bugfix releases in the Faust 0.x series. To see the most recent changelog please visit Change history for Faust 1.5.


release-date:2018-04-27 2:04 P.M PDT
release-by:Vineet Goel


release-date:2018-04-26 4:48 P.M PDT
release-by:Ask Solem
  • Models: Optimization for FieldDescriptor.__get__.
  • Serialization: Optimization for faust.utils.json.


release-date:2018-04-26 04:32 P.M PDT
release-by:Vineet Goel
  • Requirements:

    • Now depends on aiokafka 0.4.5 (Robinhood fork).
  • Models: Record.asdict() and to_representation() were slow on complicated models, so we are now using code generation to optimize them.


    You are no longer allowed to override Record.asdict().


release-date:2018-04-26 12:06 P.M PDT
release-by:Ask Solem
  • Requirements:

  • Consumer: Fixed asyncio.base_futures.IllegalStateError error in commit handler.

  • CLI: Fixed bug when invoking worker using faust -A.