Source code for faust.cli.reset

"""Program ``faust reset`` used to delete local table state."""
from .base import AppCommand

__all__ = ['reset']

[docs]class reset(AppCommand): """Delete local table state. Warning: This command will result in the destruction of the following files: 1) The local database directories/files backing tables (does not apply if an in-memory store like memory:// is used). Notes: This data is technically recoverable from the Kafka cluster (if intact), but it'll take a long time to get the data back as you need to consume each changelog topic in total. It'd be faster to copy the data from any standbys that happen to have the topic partitions you require. """
[docs] async def run(self) -> None: """Execute command.""" await self.reset_tables()
[docs] async def reset_tables(self) -> None: """Reset local state for all tables.""" for table in self.say(f'Removing database for table {}...') table.reset_state()