Source code for faust.cli.completion

"""completion - Command line utility for completion.

Supports ``bash``, ``ksh``, ``zsh``, etc.
import os
from pathlib import Path
from .base import AppCommand

    import click_completion
except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
    click_completion = None  # noqa
else:  # pragma: no cover

[docs]class completion(AppCommand): """Output shell completion to be evaluated by the shell.""" require_app = False
[docs] async def run(self) -> None: """Dump click completion script for Faust CLI.""" if click_completion is None: raise self.UsageError( 'Missing required dependency, but this is easy to fix.\n' 'Run `pip install click_completion` from your virtualenv\n' 'and try again!') self.say(click_completion.get_code(
[docs] def shell(self) -> str: """Return the current shell used in this environment.""" shell_path = Path(os.environ.get('SHELL', 'auto')) return shell_path.stem